Statslösa i Sverige

Sverige och FN convention on statslösa som vistas i Sverige:

The 1954 convention is intended to ensure that minimum human rights protections are extended to all people, including the right to identity and the necessary documentation for travel.

Further, the 1954 convention states cannot expel a stateless person who is lawfully within their territory save on the grounds that such person poses a threat to national security or public order. Even in cases of expulsion, all states are obliged to allow the stateless person being expelled a reasonable period within which to seek legal admission into another country.

The Convention on the Reduction of Statelessness (1961) aims to reduce statelessness and establishes a global framework to ensure that the right of nationality is extended to everyone. The 1961 convention requires states to have common safeguards in place to prevent statelessness at any point in the life of a person, including due to state succession or the loss or renunciation of nationality.

The 1961 convention also establishes that children are to acquire the nationality of the country in which they were born if they do not acquire any other nationality.