Vindkraftverk, Ebba Busch i SvD

Stoppa stödet till vindkraften

Att ersätta lönsam elproduktion som ger åtta miljarder i skatteintäkter med olönsam elproduktion som kräver stora subventioner är oklok politik. Subventionerna till vindkraften bör tas bort, skriver fem kristdemokratiska kommunpolitiker.

Om vindkraft finns det många åsikter.

Och många miljarder i rullning.

I Sverige och utanför Sverige.

I USA är ämnet högaktuell:

Some parts of Tennessee, such as Chattanooga, are home to production of equipment for the industry, however.

Wind blows in the region only 20% of the time, Alexander reminds audiences when he speaks on the subject.

And even its most ardent supporters acknowledge that utilities could never depend entirely on wind because they can’t always count on the wind blowing.

”There is no way you can power major municipal areas with that kind of intermittent supply,” said Steve Kerekes of the Nuclear Energy Institute, a trade group for that industry.

And perhaps just as important, Alexander said, they would scar the mountaintops of Tennessee, the only place in the state where they can work.

Noting that oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens has said wind turbines and transmission lines are too ugly for his ranch, Alexander asks, ”Why would we want them on the most beautiful mountaintops in America?”