Boston 18 april 2013, Förmaning till uthållighet, HEB 12:1

Hur tröstar man föräldrar och anhöriga till drabbade vid det vansinniga bombdådet i Boston?

Jag orkar knappast läso om reportage eller titta på bilder från brottsplatsen!

Så skriver Professon Nicholas Burns, Harvard’s John F. Kennedy School of Government i The Boston Globe. 

And, there is a clear global lesson from Boston that might provide some small measure of comfort to a grieving community. We are not alone. The world rallied to us in sympathy and solidarity this week as we had rallied to the people of Bali, Madrid, London and Mumbai in years past. People from all over the globe texted, emailed and tweeted their strong and vocal support to Bostonians as did world leaders near and far. The most poignant of these messages came from those — particularly Iraqis and Afghans — who have experienced terrorism on a scale far beyond anything we have known. Terrorists have accomplished exactly one thing — they have united the civilized world against them.

A final lesson can be found here in the unique Commonwealth we have built over nearly four centuries. In Massachusetts, we do not live as isolated, atomized people committed only to our own individual freedom and lives. The very nature of the Commonwealth links our individual fates in a society that cares for the community as a whole. Bostonians personified such unity this week.

An indelible image of this sad and tragic week is the remarkable depth, grit and resilience of Boston and its people. True to our nineteenth century moniker, we are indeed an Athens in America reflected in the countless acts of bravery, kindness and compassion on Patriots Day. As the President quoted scripture in Boston Thursday, “run with endurance the race that is set before us.”